Thursday, 30 July 2009

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

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Posted: 30 Jul 2009 10:41 AM PDT

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The Real Twitpocalypse: Asteroid Alerts Come to Twitter

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 10:30 AM PDT

Been looking for a reason to join Twitter, but haven't been able to quite take the plunge? Forget Shaq and William Gibson: Alerts about asteroids cruising near Earth have come to Twitter. @AsteroidWatch will let you know any time a space rock gets within a few lunar distances. Much more asteroid info will be distributed via a new NASA/JPL website.

Jellyfish Stir Up Oceans, May Influence Climate

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 10:00 AM PDT

It may come as a surprise, but some small marine creatures may have a big impact on oceans, CO2 levels and the environment. A new study says that jellyfish and creatures like them take part in circulating ocean waters, mixing dissolved gases like CO2, and could possibly help curb global climate change. Mixing is a key regulator of the Earth's temp

Archaeology from the dark side

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 09:57 AM PDT

YouTube - My song (Keith Jarrett piano solo)

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 09:03 AM PDT

YouTube - Keith Jarrett - La Scala

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 08:25 AM PDT

Keith Jarrett - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 07:29 AM PDT

Mystery solved – by Ministry of Silly Walks

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 07:10 AM PDT

Scientists' experiments with volunteers help prove why we swing our arms. The mystery of why people swing their arms while walking rather than holding them still and rigid like the famous silly walk of John Cleese in his Monty Python sketch appears to have been solved. An experiment involving making a group of volunteers take equally silly walks..

YouTube - Keith Jarrett Solo Concert

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 06:17 AM PDT

6 Minutes 42 Seconds

Posted: 30 Jul 2009 06:06 AM PDT

6 Minutes 42 Seconds The July 22nd total solar eclipse was the longest of the 21st century. From the point of maximum eclipse along the Moon's shadow track across the Pacific Ocean, the Moon completely blocked the Sun for a total of 6 minutes and 39 seconds. But from the deck of this cruise ship the duration of the total eclipse phase was extended to a whopping 6 minutes and 42 seconds by the ship's motion along the shadow track. This panoramic view of the scene shows the shimmering solar corona in a darkened daytime sky, with clouds silhouetted by a bright sky on the distant horizon, beyond the Moon's shadow. Mercury can be seen near the eclipsed Sun. Venus lies near the upper right edge of the frame.

Tuesday, 28 July 2009

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

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Photo: Docked Space Shuttle and Station Cross the Sun

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 08:10 AM PDT

A photographer has captured a stunning photo of the space shuttle Endeavor docked with the International Space Station crossing the face of the sun. You

Nottingham Riverside Festival : Nottingham City Council

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 07:47 AM PDT

Understanding Emotions and the Rational Brain

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 07:30 AM PDT

Have you ever wondered why we make bad decisions? This article unearths the psychology behind decision making and discovers why people make irrational mistakes.

Comets, not asteroids, to blame for moon's scarred face

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 07:10 AM PDT

Greenland rocks suggest dirty snowballs pummeled the young moon and Earth, soaking our planet with life-nurturing oceans

Swamp Thing comics torrent search

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 07:08 AM PDT

Venus Clouds 'Might Harbour Life'

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 06:10 AM PDT

The existence of life on the planet's oven-hot surface is unimaginable. But microbes could survive and reproduce, experts say, floating in the thick, cloudy atmosphere, protected by a sunscreen of sulphur compounds......

A Floral Aurora Corona

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 06:06 AM PDT

A Floral Aurora Corona Few auroras show this level of detail. Above, a standard digital camera captured a particularly active and colorful auroral corona that occurred last week above Alberta, Canada. With a shape reminiscent of a flower, the spectacular aurora had an unusually high degree of detail. The vivid green and purple auroral colors are caused by high atmospheric oxygen and hydrogen reacting to a burst of incoming electrons. Many photogenic auroras have been triggered from a solar wind stream that recently passed the Earth. The auroras were unexpected because the initiating Sun has been unusually quiet of late.

Franco Brambilla - Teach Me How To Fight

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 05:26 AM PDT

Bokode - Barcodes for the rest of us

Posted: 28 Jul 2009 05:10 AM PDT

Product barcodes provide information to checkout scanners in retail stores, but that's about all they do. Now, researchers at the Media Lab have come up with a new kind of very tiny barcode that could provide a variety of useful information to shoppers as they shop and could even lead to new devices for classroom presentations, business meetings ..

Monday, 27 July 2009

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Chimney Sweep's Scrotum: 10 Bizarre Job-Related Illnesses |

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 10:35 AM PDT

Requests to the Right Ear Are More Successful Than to the Left | Wired Science |

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 10:17 AM PDT

The Crow Paradox

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 10:11 AM PDT

Here's a surprise: Wild crows can recognize individual people. They can pick a person out of crowd, follow them, and remember them for years. But people - even people who love crows - can't recognize individual crows. Here, two experiments that tell the story.

Is Pluto a planet after all?

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 08:30 AM PDT

Poor Pluto was demoted, to the dismay of its many fans, but it could soon be returned triumphantly to full planet status

Carpool interview - Professor Brian Cox

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 07:14 AM PDT

(18 votes - 6 comments - 193 views)
Duration 30 minutes 31 seconds.

NGC 1097: Spiral Galaxy with a Central Eye

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 06:06 AM PDT

NGC 1097: Spiral Galaxy with a Central Eye What's happening at the center of spiral galaxy NGC 1097? No one is sure, but it likely involves a supermassive black hole. Matter falling in from a bar of stars and gas across the center is likely being heated by an extremely energetic region surrounding the central black hole. From afar, the entire central region appears in the above false-color infrared image as a mysterious eye. Near the left edge and seen in blue, a smaller companion galaxy is wrapped in the spectacular spiral arms of the large spiral, lit in pink by glowing dust. Currently about 40 thousand light-years from the larger galaxy's center, the gravity of the companion galaxy appears to be reshaping the larger galaxy as it is slowly being destroyed itself. NGC 1097 is located about 50 million light years away toward the constellation of the furnace (Fornax).

Scientists Worry Machines May Outsmart Man

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 03:11 AM PDT

Some computer scientists are beginning to talk, and worry, about what the future will look like.

Red Wine Increases Women's Sexual Desire

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 02:10 AM PDT

Researchers concluded that levels of sexual desire were higher in women who were moderate drinkers of red wine than in their counterparts who preferred other alcoholic drinks, or were teetotal.

QI - At What Temperature Does Water Boil?

Posted: 27 Jul 2009 12:56 AM PDT

(27 votes - 5 comments - 470 views)

Endeavour Crew Talks With CBS News

Posted: 26 Jul 2009 09:50 PM PDT

In an interview with CBS News, shuttle skipper Mark Polansky took a moment to defend the space station project, saying the outpost is just now beginning to reach its full potential.

Sunday, 26 July 2009

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Dragon Well Tea (Longjing) - Finally! World's Best Green Tea Revealed

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 02:36 PM PDT

Storm Chasers go INSIDE the Aurora, Nebraska tornado

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 12:38 PM PDT

(14 votes - 4 comments - 270 views)
These guys are farkin' NUTS! This is some scary stuff.

From YT:
INSANE video from inside the powerful Aurora, Nebraska tornado on June 17, 2009. The tornado intensified right on top of the SRV Dominator, and the window was blown out as an intense mini suction vortex passed over the vehicle. A 138.8 mph wind gust was measured by the roof anemometer as the window blow out. Check out Storm Chasers on Discovery Channel this Fall for the video of the glass slamming into our faces.

Spitzer Spies Out-Of-This-World Galaxy

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 10:00 AM PDT

The galaxy, called NGC 1097, is located 50 million light-years away. It is spiral-shaped like our Milky Way, with long, spindly arms of stars. The "eye" at the center of the galaxy is actually a monstrous black hole surrounded by a ring of stars.

An Unusual Collection : A Brain Tumor Tissue Bank

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 09:20 AM PDT

Five years ago, as she was walking into Caritas Holy Family Hospital and Medical Center in Methuen, Mass., Patricia Fey saw a priest she knew and cornered him. "I'm like 'Oh, Father Peter! And I sort of grabbed him by his arm," she recounts. "I said, 'What are you doing here? Father Peter! I could use a prayer right now.

The Eagle Rises

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 06:06 AM PDT

The Eagle Rises Get out your red/blue glasses and check out this remarkable stereo view from lunar orbit. Created from two photographs (AS11-44-6633, AS11-44-6634) taken by astronaut Michael Collins forty years ago during the 1969 Apollo 11 mission, the 3D anaglyph features the lunar module ascent stage, dubbed The Eagle, as it rises to meet the command module in lunar orbit. Aboard the ascent stage are Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin, the first to walk on the Moon. The smooth, dark area on the lunar surface is Mare Smythii located just below the equator on the extreme eastern edge of the Moon's near side. Poised beyond the lunar horizon, is our fair planet Earth.

Saturday, 25 July 2009

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

David Attenborough - The Languages of Animals 1: Beware

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 05:16 AM PDT

(10 votes - 0 comments - 182 views)
David Attenborough's 1973 Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have been held in London annually since 1825. They serve as a forum for presenting complex scientific issues to a general audience in an informative and entertaining manner.

'RDF TV - Nebraska Vignettes #6 - Hawaii as a Nursery of Evolution' by Richard Dawkins, Josh Timonen, Judy Diamond, Ken Kanes...

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 05:11 AM PDT,4094,n,n

Nasa finds monster black hole sucking up gas, dust and stars

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 02:50 AM PDT

Nasa have found a monster black hole 100 million times the mass of the Sun feeding off gas, dust and stars at the centre of a galaxy 50 million light-years away.

Ray of hope in dark-matter hunt

Posted: 25 Jul 2009 12:40 AM PDT

The murky hunt for dark matter has just got a little bit brighter. New gamma-ray results from the FERMI telescope fit with previous tantalizing hints of a detection of the mysterious stuff.

Freakiest Fish Ever... Fangtooth in the Abyss (VID)

Posted: 24 Jul 2009 10:10 PM PDT

Deep, deep beneath the oceans surface there is no light and there is much danger. This incredible clip reveals some of the strange and amazing creatures lurking in the deep, including the fangtooth!

Ancient Roman shipwrecks found

Posted: 24 Jul 2009 09:40 PM PDT

Underwater archaeologists in Italy discover the wrecks of five ancient Roman ships, with their cargoes still largely intact.

YouTube - The Thunderf00t - Ray Comfort discussion (Part 1)

Posted: 24 Jul 2009 05:31 PM PDT

Carl Sagan - The Planets 6: Planetary Systems Beyond The Sun

Posted: 24 Jul 2009 03:09 PM PDT

(12 votes - 2 comments - 190 views)
Carl Sagan's 1977 Royal Institution Christmas Lecture. The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have been held in London annually since 1825. They serve as a forum for presenting complex scientific issues to a general audience in an informative and entertaining manner.

Part 1: The Earth as a Planet
Part 2: The Outer Solar system and Life
Part 3: The History of Mars
Part 4: Mars Before Viking
Part 5: Mars After Viking

Got Chicken Parts? Make Biodiesel

Posted: 24 Jul 2009 01:50 PM PDT

11 billion pounds of chicken feather meal are accumulated annually by the poultry industry in the U.S., and if a process developed by scientists in Nevada moves forward, those chicken parts could be used to produce 153 million gallons of biodiesel a year, and 593 million gallons worldwide.

Looking to Mars as the Next Frontier

Posted: 24 Jul 2009 12:50 PM PDT

As the 40th-anniversary celebrations of the moon landing end, a human voyage to Mars remains a holy grail for NASA.

Saturday, 18 July 2009

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

YouTube - La natura di Paolo - Le mie tartarughe

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 06:53 AM PDT

Artistic tendencies linked to 'schizophrenia gene' - health - 16 July 2009 - New Scientist

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 06:51 AM PDT

Planets, Great Wall, and Solar Eclipse

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 06:06 AM PDT

Planets, Great Wall, and Solar Eclipse This dramatic skyscape was recorded during the August 2008 total solar eclipse. The Moon's silhouette surrounded by a glistening solar corona hangs above the Jiayuguan Fort along the western edge of the Great Wall of China. Lined-up along the ecliptic plane, all the planets of the inner solar system, Mercury, Venus, Mars, (and Earth!) can also be seen along with Saturn and bright star Regulus, as the Moon's shadow tracks across the landscape. Beyond the Moon's shadow, outside the total eclipse track, sunlight still brightens the sky over mountains on the horizon 30 - 50 kilometers away. Much anticipated, the 2009 July 22nd total solar eclipse will again be visible from China. Planets and bright stars will briefly appear in darkened daytime skies, though a total eclipse won't be seen from the Great Wall. Still, major cities and populated areas lie along the 2009 total eclipse track that begins in India and sweeps eastward across Asia and into the Pacific Ocean.

'RDF TV - Ants that farm, compost and weed' by Richard Dawkins, Josh Timonen, Judy Diamond, RDFRS -

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 06:01 AM PDT,4070,n,n

ROLF .jpg (372×500)

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 03:04 AM PDT

Hc2oe5qBdpzeud6zyWafvRPZo1_500.jpg (450×600)

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 03:00 AM PDT

Vague Scientist (pic)

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 02:40 AM PDT

*Hey, it works for me (and I'm not even British).


Posted: 18 Jul 2009 02:34 AM PDT

YouTube - Kyuss - Born to Hula

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 02:33 AM PDT

YouTube - KYUSS - molten universe

Posted: 18 Jul 2009 02:30 AM PDT

Friday, 17 July 2009

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

What Will NASA's Next Spacesuit Look Like?

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 11:21 AM PDT

40 years after the first moon walk, designers and engineers discuss the continuing evolution of astronaut apparel

Gene That Triggers Antibodies Discoverd

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 11:11 AM PDT

A research team led by the La Jolla Institute for Allergy & Immunology has identified the specific gene which triggers the body to produce disease-fighting antibodies -- a seminal finding that clarifies the exact molecular steps taken by the body to mount an antibody defense against viruses and other pathogens. The finding, published online to

Invisible flash takes photos without the glare

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 10:12 AM PDT

A camera system that uses infrared and ultraviolet light to illuminate scenes produces sharp, natural images without the dazzling effect of a normal flash.

Pat Buchanan - Climate Change is a Hoax

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 09:29 AM PDT

(10 votes - 2 comments - 245 views)
Buchanan - science says climate change "is a hoax and a scam designed to transfer wealth and a world government."

The blind can drive at Virginia Tech

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 08:20 AM PDT

This story begins in 2006, when the Blind Driver's Challenge was initiated at Virginia Tech University in response to a proposal made by the Jernigan Institute, a part of the National Federation of the Blind. This month, members of the Robotics and Mechanisms Laboratory have made previously impossible dream possible.

8 Moon-Landing Hoax Myths - Busted! (PICS, Slide Show)

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 07:20 AM PDT

Forty years have passed since humans first walked on the moon, but many conspiracy theorists still insist that it was all an elaborate hoax. Examine the evidence, and find out why experts say some of the most common claims simply don't hold water.

World's Quickest Personality Test: 59 Seconds!

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 07:00 AM PDT

(20 votes - 2 comments - 410 views)
As posted on Derren Brown's blog, a quick personality test for you to try at home!

A better way of transplanting bone marrow (TED Talks)

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 06:44 AM PDT

(13 votes - 2 comments - 160 views)
The adult stem cells found in bone marrow can be used to treat many terminal conditions, from Parkinson's to heart disease.

10 things we didn't know last week

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 06:12 AM PDT

Snippets from the week's news, sliced, diced and processed for your convenience. 1. A new element cannot be named after a living person. More details 2. Plants that smell of almonds or marzipan are more likely to be poisonous. More details 3. The UK's median gross annual salary is £20,801. More details 4. The best Italian saffron is made from crocus flowers picked at dawn. More details 5. The world's longest bench is 613 metres. More details 6. Testicular cancer only accounts for 1-2% of male cancers. More details 7. Brahms liked his audience to clap in between movements. More details 8. Zoos in China use female dogs as surrogate mothers for baby tigers, lions and bear cubs. More details 9. Some lizards are so light they fall to the ground like a feather. More details 10. Buzz Aldrin received Holy Communion on the moon. More details Seen 10 things? Send us a picture to use next week. Thanks to Heidi Adnum for this week's picture of 10 ducks in Hyde Park, London.

Starburst Galaxy M94

Posted: 17 Jul 2009 06:06 AM PDT

Starburst Galaxy M94 Beautiful island universe M94 lies a mere 15 million light-years distant in the northern constellation of the hunting dogs, Canes Venatici. A popular target for earth-based astronomers, the face-on spiral galaxy is about 30,000 light-years across. Its remarkable features include prominent dust lanes, a bright, point-like nucleus, and a bright, bluish ring dominated by the light of young, massive stars. The massive stars in the ring are all likely less than 10 million years old, indicating the galaxy experienced a well-defined era of rapid star formation. As a result, while the small, bright nucleus is typical of the Seyfert class of active galaxies, M94 is also known as a starburst galaxy. Because M94 is relatively nearby, astronomers can explore in detail reasons for the galaxy's burst of star formation.