Saturday, 25 October 2008

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Evolution, Culture and Truth, a Lecture by Daniel Dennett (lecture)
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 How Does Your Memory Work? (vid)
 ☞ First 24 Hours of an Embryo's Cells (vid)
 ☞ How technology will transform us (vid)

The Rockefellers wanted to have a mural put on the wall in Rockefeller Center in the early 1930s. A huge mural was commisioned to be painted by Diego Rivera. He called it 'Man at the Crossroads', it featured Leon Trotsky and a Lenin portion (depicting communism), this ended upsetting Rockefeller. The work was completed and paid for in 1933, and immediately draped. People protested but it remained covered until the early weeks of 1934 - when it was ordered to be smashed to bits and hauled away in wheelbarrows.

Rivera repainted the mural, though at a smaller scale, (at the Palacio de Bellas Artes) in Mexico City where it can be found today.
 Renamed as 'Man, Controller of the Universe'...

click image for a closer view (see Darwin on the left pointing at the animals)