Wednesday, 22 October 2008

Obama vs. Mccain :: The Wisest Choice?

What are the most important issues?
Which candidate would have the most positive effect in America and worldwide?..

Hit some of the links below if you want to make an informed and wise decision about our future  :-D  thanks!!

 Informative videos and links:
 ☞ Website of unbiased summaries on their positions
 ☞ A long time friend and fellow prisoner of war, on McCain
 ☞ Chomsky says pick the lesser of two evils...
 ☞ Republicans and Military Men on who they'd vote for
 ☞ A few Reasons to Be Wary of McCain
 ☞ Obama or McCain? helpful quiz
 A Republican on Why McCain fails

 Videos on candidate ignorance:
 ☞ Obama on the ignorance of McCain
 ☞ Racism at the Palin Rally
 ☞ John McCain: "That One"
 ☞ Sarah Palin Doesn't Believe in Man-made Climate Change!?!
 ☞ Palin Explains Why Raped Women Should Be Forced To Bear a child
 ☞ Sarah Palin CHOSE Not To Be Gay?!?...
 ☞ Ellen DeGeneres asks McCain why he opposes gay marriage
 ☞ How Obama is viewed in redneck country. Very worrying
 ☞ One of the reasons America is broken...
 ☞ The McCain-Palin Mob
 ☞ Obama faces racism in West Virginia
 ☞ FOX jokes about killing Obama
 ☞ McCain's All In Bet on the Stupidity of the American People

 Videos on candidate lies and idiocy:
 ☞ Examples of McCain's Lies
 ☞ Fact Checking Palin - CNN finds a lot of lies
 ☞ How McCain Was Wrong
 ☞ McCain Debates Self on Bush, and loses!
 ☞ McCains Delusional Economic Statements
 ☞ John McCain: Dazed and Confused
 ☞ ABC News Investigates Sarah Palin's Book Censorship
 ☞ Powell Eviscerates McCain's Negative Smear Campaign
  Rolling Stone's 5 Myths About John McCain
 ☞ Obama's Response Ad to McCain's Baseless Attacks

 ☞ Obama's new campaign ad: "Same"
 ☞ FOX trashing Michelle Obama
 ☞ You Were Wrong
 ☞ How do you get to 100 years in Iraq?
 ☞ Thank John McCain

Positive vids:
 ☞ Colin Powell on who he we will vote for and why
 ☞ Dr.Z Brzezinski On The Candidates' Judgement
60 Minutes -- Obama on Biden, Palin
 ☞ Biden Chokes Up During Debate
 ☞ Obama supporter does his homework, impresses interviewer
 ☞ Obama on Gas Prices

 Comedy vids:
 ☞ Homer Simpson thinks it's time for a change...
 ☞ The Empire Strikes Barack
 ☞ The Republican Job Interview
 ☞ Baracknophobia
 ☞ "You'll Get What You Deserve!"
 ☞ I Like Pie

 ☞ Why Ron Paul never had a chance.