Sunday, 5 April 2009

Daily Link Splurge

Daily Link Splurge

Orange Sun Oozing

Posted: 05 Apr 2009 06:06 AM PDT

Orange Sun Oozing The Sun's surface keeps changing. Click the central arrow and watch how the Sun's surface oozes during a single hour. The Sun's photosphere has thousands of bumps called granules and usually a few dark depressions called sunspots. The above time-lapse movie centered on Sunspot 875 was taken in 2006 by the Vacuum Tower Telescope in the Canary Islands of Spain using adaptive optics to resolve details below 500 kilometers across. Each of the numerous granules is the size of an Earth continent, but much shorter lived. A granule slowly changes its shape over an hour, and can even completely disappear. Hot hydrogen gas rises in the bright center of a granule, and falls back into the Sun along a dark granule edge. The above movie and similar movies allows students and solar scientists to study how granules and sunspots evolve as well as how magnetic sunspot regions produce powerful solar flares.

Ghostbusters Remixed Music Video - EctoMix • VideoSift: Online Video *Quality Control

Posted: 04 Apr 2009 11:47 PM PDT

Sun activity at lowest in a century

Posted: 04 Apr 2009 11:40 PM PDT

The sun is currently operating at the lowest level of activity in a century according to NASA.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch

Posted: 04 Apr 2009 11:36 PM PDT

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The Great Pacific Garbage Patch - Good Morning America
"The Pacific Ocean has more White Trash than Texas" - Bill Maher.

The Great Pacific Garbage Patch, also described as the Eastern Garbage Patch or the Pacific Trash Vortex, is a gyre of marine debris in the central North Pacific Ocean located roughly between 135° to 155°W and 35° to 42°N. The patch is characterized by exceptionally high concentrations of suspended plastic and other debris that have been trapped by the currents of the North Pacific Gyre.

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Posted: 04 Apr 2009 10:47 PM PDT

Your God is in fact a projection of your personal culture.

Posted: 04 Apr 2009 09:46 PM PDT

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Christians Ray Comfort and Kirk Cameron are completely stumped when asked "If God can always exist then why can't the universe always exist."

How to Contact Aliens: Broadcast Google to Outerspace

Posted: 04 Apr 2009 09:40 PM PDT

SETI's Seth Shostak: Confessions of an Alien Hunter.

NASA Close-Up of Hurricane Taken From Int'l Space Station

Posted: 04 Apr 2009 09:10 PM PDT

Hurricane Isabel from above.

9 Exquisite Photos from UNESCO Satellite

Posted: 04 Apr 2009 08:30 PM PDT

A collection images from the UNESCO Satellite

Double Rainbow Arches Over Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Posted: 04 Apr 2009 07:40 PM PDT

Photographer: Flickr user kylearc