Wednesday, 22 April 2009

Daily Link Splurge

Daily Link Splurge

Copyright Is A Cultural Disaster Of Incredible Proportions

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 07:22 AM PDT

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Sky Panorama Over Lake Salda

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 06:06 AM PDT

Sky Panorama Over Lake Salda As midnight approached, a spectacular sky appeared. Such was the case last month from the shore of Lake Salda in southwestern Turkey. In the above night sky panorama, rocky sand covers the foreground, while building lights are visible across the lake. Looking up, the stars of Orion lie just ahead, while Sirius, the brightest star in the sky, appears to Orion's left. To Orion's right, just above the horizon, lies the Pleiades open star cluster. Arching across the sky is the central band of our Milky Way Galaxy. High in the center, the stars Castor and Pollux are visible. Lake Salda is famous partly for its blue color that is slightly discernable even in the above image.

The painful truth about trainers: Are expensive running shoe

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 04:38 AM PDT

Thrust enhancers, roll bars, microchips...the $20 billion running - shoe industry wants us to believe that the latest technologies will cushion every stride. Yet a controversial new book claims that it might be better to go barefoot...

Moon shadow, moon shadow - The Planetary Society Blog | The Planetary Society

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 04:29 AM PDT

"I can clone a human being"

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 04:28 AM PDT

A controversial fertility doctor claimed yesterday to have cloned 14 human embryos and transferred 11 of them into the wombs of four women who had been prepared to give birth to cloned babies

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 04:14 AM PDT

awesome zoomage

Cassini's continued mission - The Big Picture -

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 04:08 AM PDT

Interesting to note in this image are the various jagged shadows along the outer edge of the B ring. Scientists are closely studying this phenomenon now, and a preliminary hypothesis suggests that the shadows are of clumpy, disturbed ring material, stretching up to 3 km above the ring plane - contrasted with an estimated normal ring thickness of only 10 meters or so.

Scientists discover a nearly Earth-sized planet

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 03:00 AM PDT

In the search for Earth-like planets, astronomers zeroed in Tuesday on two places that look awfully familiar to home. One is close to the right size. The other is in the right place.

Lightest Known Exoplanet Discovered

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 02:40 AM PDT

The lightest exoplanet yet discovered — only about twice the mass of Earth — has been detected, astronomers announced today. "With only 1.9 Earth-masses, it is the least massive exoplanet ever detected and is, very likely, a rocky planet,"said Xavier Bonfils of Grenoble Observatory in France, a member of the team that made the discovery, which was

YouTube - Rare Sea Creature in the Abysses

Posted: 22 Apr 2009 02:03 AM PDT