Tuesday, 28 April 2009

Daily Link Splurge

Daily Link Splurge

Elephant Seals & King Penguins Sharing Antarctic Ground[PIC]

Posted: 28 Apr 2009 02:10 AM PDT

Beautiful shot, enlargeable, wallpaper.

Mythbusters: Homemade Hi-Def Speakers

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 10:21 PM PDT

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U.S. Declares Public Health Emergency - Swine Flu

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 09:04 PM PDT

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U.S. government releaseing 25% of Tamiflu stockpiles.

This is scary stuff. Confirmed cases in Canada now.


(Had to resist adding *viral)

Babies' minds more advanced than once thought

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 08:20 PM PDT

New studies and experiments comparing the minds of babies with those of adults indicate that the processes that help babies learn and develop are more advanced than adults and could benefit adults.

Where Did I Leave My Car? How the Brain Translates Memory

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 05:20 PM PDT

When we emerge from a supermarket laden down with bags and faced with a sea of vehicles, how do we remember where we've parked our car and translate the memory into the correct action to get back there? New research identifies the specific parts of the brain responsible for solving this everyday problem.

Fall into a Black Hole

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 05:10 PM PDT

Dare to fall into a black hole and you would get vaporized in what is probably the most violent place in the universe. But the journey would yield some amazing sights, though you might need three eyes for the best view of what's going on, new research suggests.

YouTube - Steve Brule & The Griddleman

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 04:52 PM PDT

from Tim & Eric

NASA Scientist Predicts We’ll Meet E.T. by 2019

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 04:40 PM PDT

The good news is that Peter Smith who led NASA's Phoenix Mars Mission predicts that within ten years we'll find life on other planets — but the bad news for us fanboys with hopes of hanging out with Vulcans and Klingons is that E.T. may be a clump of lowly microbes sitting underneath a rock on Mars

Neil deGrasse Tyson - Doctors, Cancer & God

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 03:59 PM PDT

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Neil deGrasse Tyson talks about being misdiagnosed, belief in a higher power, and makes note of who might be making those diagnoses.

New technique may help find alien life

Posted: 27 Apr 2009 02:50 PM PDT

A team at the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) has developed a new method for detecting extraterrestrial life. The technique will not spot aliens directly. Instead, it looks for a telltale sign that life may have influenced a landscape - a preponderance of molecules that have a certain "chirality," or handedness.