Tuesday, 5 May 2009

Daily Link Splurge

Daily Link Splurge

Do your Genes determine if you have a temper or not?

Posted: 05 May 2009 05:08 AM PDT

Being able to keep your cool or lose your temper is down to genes, according to a new study.

Japanese scientist grows spare human organs in sheep

Posted: 05 May 2009 03:30 AM PDT

Huddled at the back of her shed, bleating under a magnificent winter coat and tearing cheerfully at a bale of hay, she is possibly the answer to Japan's chronic national shortage of organ donors: a sheep with a revolutionary secret.

How to: Demolish a house using AntiMatter!

Posted: 05 May 2009 01:07 AM PDT

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Tutorial on how you can demolish a house using regular household items such as antimatter particles.

Scientists Agree, Twitter Makes Us Immoral

Posted: 05 May 2009 12:40 AM PDT

Research from "The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences" found that emotions of compassion and admiration are triggered deep within the brain, where anger and fear resides, and Twitter is capable of activating all of them.

NASA's Fermi Explores High-energy "Space Invaders"

Posted: 05 May 2009 12:31 AM PDT

With the help of NASA's Fermi telescope, we are beginning to understand more about cosmic rays.

Wolfram Alpha is going to change the world

Posted: 04 May 2009 10:00 PM PDT

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Imagine typing a question into a search engine - and instead of referring you to webpages where that same question was asked, it actually answers it for you.

Wolfram Alpha is a new search engine that does just that. It is going to make Google it's lowly prison bitch. Developed by Stephen Wolfram (AKA the "Tungstenator"), this new search engine has the tech world excited.

This is a 10:00 sneak preview of Wolfram Alpha - which is set to be unveiled to the world later this month.

Read more about Wolfram Alpha.

You can watch the full 1 hour 45 minute talk Wolfram gave here.

Targeting tumors using tiny gold particles

Posted: 04 May 2009 09:10 PM PDT

Gold nanorods could detect, treat cancer. MIT researchers have developed tiny gold particles that can home in on tumors, and then, by absorbing energy from near-infrared light and emitting it as heat, destroy tumors with minimal side effects.

Scaling laws in biology

Posted: 04 May 2009 07:57 PM PDT

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Why does almost every vertebrate have approximately the same number of heartbeats through a lifespan? Why does metabolic rate, lifespan and other parameters scale with mass in the same manner throughout biology?

This guy has developed a new theory based on circulatory systems such as the blood to answer these questions from first principles.

Africans Have World's Greatest Genetic Variation

Posted: 04 May 2009 06:30 PM PDT

Africans have more genetic variation than anyone else on Earth, according to a new study that helps narrow the location where humans first evolved, probably near the South Africa-Namibia border. The largest study of African genetics ever undertaken also found that nearly three-fourths of African-Americans can trace their ancestry to West Africa.

Leaping Dolphin [PIC]

Posted: 04 May 2009 06:10 PM PDT

Pic shot from oceanographic research vessel, Atlantis. [Enlargeable, wallpaper]