Wednesday, 15 July 2009

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

Johnald's Fantastical Daily Link Splurge

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Olafur Eliasson: Playing with space and light | Video on

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 01:46 AM PDT

New Heavy Element Likely to Be Named for Copernicus

Posted: 15 Jul 2009 12:10 AM PDT

The newest — and heaviest — element on the periodic table could get tagged with the name "copernicium" in honor of the late astronomer Nicolaus Copernicus. "We would like to honor an outstanding scientist, who changed our view of the world," said Sigurd Hofmann, head of the discovery team at GSI Helmholtz Centre for Heavy Ion Research in Germany...

10 Telescopes That Changed Our View of the Universe [PICS]

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 11:20 PM PDT

Historic telescopes through the ages, from Galileo to the 21st century. - Joseph Goldstein

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 10:45 PM PDT

Physicists Propose Scheme For Teleporting Light Beams

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 08:50 PM PDT

Physicists have proposed a scheme for quantum teleportation of a beam of light, which could have applications such as in quantum computation.

Carl Sagan - The Planets 2: The Outer Solar System and Life

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 07:57 PM PDT

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Carl Sagan's 1977 Royal Institution Christmas Lecture. The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures have been held in London annually since 1825. They serve as a forum for presenting complex scientific issues to a general audience in an informative and entertaining manner.

Part 1: The Earth as a Planet

Scientists Find 'Worlds Oldest Willy'

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 05:10 PM PDT

"We were surprised because it's so big," she says. "We were expecting something smaller."

The Great Remembering

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 04:04 PM PDT

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From Daniel Quinn's book 'Story of B'

Caloric Restriction Extends Life In Monkeys, Study Finds / Science News

Posted: 14 Jul 2009 02:31 PM PDT